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How to unplug from cable. Avoiding the "cable creep".

Congrats! It is widely know that one of the first steps of knowing how to fix a problem is to acknowledge you have a problem.

Cable Creep -

verb - an action where a subscriber signs up at an advertised price for a certain period, then finds that beyond that time frame the bill has now crept up and now is significantly more than the original bill.

Competition in the marketplace has brought us many new players and products to the table, and in most cases, can help save consumers hundreds of dollars in savings by just picking better when we choose how and what to watch.

Needs vs wants. The first big question.

Bruce Springsteen had a song he released in the 90's that was titled "57 channels (and nothin' on)." Sadly that song was about how useless just having a large quantity of "channels" could actually be, and it's still the same today. On average, most of us watch their favorite channels only, and rarely venture outside of that comfort zone. So why need or pay for something you don't use? DO YOU NEED/WATCH THAT CHANNEL? Is there an alternative?

Renting vs owning? Second question.

Paying infinitely for a cable box doesn't make good sense. For example, Spectrum charges 11.99/ mo for a DVR equipment rental fee. 6.99/ mo for additional boxes. (legacy Time Warner package owners can be 11.75/mo, as Spectrum treats the 2 companies equipment differently.) And I'm not just picking on Spectrum here. All of the larger cable and satellite providers do it.

Free things the cable companies charge you for? Third Question.

Locals are free for those of us with the equipment and knowledge of how to get them. The cable providers charge 8.85/mo for that exact thing. (and if the are having trouble negotiating a contract, you may even lose some channels while that plays out. (i.e CBS on DirecTV/ UVerse in some areas) ) If you own a system that allows you to get all the local broadcast channels for free, why pay for it at all?

The point here is simple. Most of us don't like getting our money's worth. Are you getting your value for what you are paying for cable or satellite? We are ready to assist you answering that question and providing solutions, that in the long term, will save you money.

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